Azra Name Meaning in urdu:

Azra name meaning in urdu meaning is کنواری لڑکی، رخسار، گال، گل رخ. Azra is a Muslim baby girl name with multiple Islamic meanings. The best English meaning of the name Azra is a virgin girl . The name Azra is originated from Arabic language and its lucky number is 8. The name Azra is a famous Muslim baby name that is preferred by parents. It is very important for parents of new born to select a unique and popular names for their child as it reflects the good nature and personality of the baby. Parents are always worried about baby naming. It is very important for personality. For that reason Azra is the perfect choice as it is also very popular in muslim countries and is liked by everyone. The lucky stone for the name is Topaz and its lucky colors include red, rusty, and light green.


1) What is the meaning of the name Azra?

The meaning of this Muslim girl name is Maiden.

2) What is the lucky number of the name Azra?

Lucky number for Muslim girl name Azra is 8.

3) What is the gender of this name?

It is a baby girl name.

4) Is it the nature of this name?

The name Azra is a popular name in Muslim countries.


This page provides the authentic and alternate spellings of the name Azra. Azra name meaning in English and Urdu is available here.A list of celebrities named Azra can be found on this page.Here all the latest and famous Islamic baby names find out

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